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April 09
Continuity of Learning Plan

Continuity of Learning: Thank you for checking my website. As part of the province's continuity of learning plan, the school will be providing weekly learning packages through MicroSoft Teams (MS Teams) beginning 14 April. New packages will be added at the beginning of each week for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  A link to MS Teams can be found on the QMS Website under 'Student Resources'. Learning packages are aimed at providing students with opportunities to practice and maintain their academic skills and extend learning through independent work. To support these learning packages, teachers will be available through MS Teams to offer feedback to students as required.​

March 17
Happy "Self-Distanced" St. Patrick's Day

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Math:  A copy of the textbook is available here.  Gr. 7 Math Makes Sense Textbook.pdfGr. 7 Math Makes Sense Textbook.pdf
As adults, we work with percentages, discounts and taxes all the time.  If parents could cover sections 3.7 and 3.8 in the textbook, this would be a great benefit. We would have been doing this in school, but parents could cover calculating discounts (for example, what is 30% off $15.99) it would be a great help. Students can learn to change any percent into a decimal (by dividing by 100, which moves the decimal two places to the left 30/100 = 0.30). Then, multiply the original price by the decimal ($15.99 x 0.30) to calculate the discount. Students always forget that discounts are subtracted from the original price.  Discounts are subtracted. Tax is added on. They often get this mixed up. The textbook uses different taxation amounts, but feel free to switch everything to 15% HST like we have here in N.B. There are lots of fancy tricks and shortcuts you can teach your child, depending on your comfort level (for example, instead of calculating 25% off and subtracting, you can just calculate 75% of the original price). Multiply by 1.15 if you want to add the tax and get a total in one step.  Those kinds of shortcuts. There's lots of mental math that can be done here too.  Kids can work with calculators or practice the traditional multiplication algorithm they have been taught. I will leave that decision to parents. Students could do plently of sample shopping, using flyers and online sales. "Pretend shopping" would be perfect during this period of isolation!

Language Arts: Here are some resources to help students and parents during this time of homeschooling.  

Writing:  Students had a writing assignment that was due March 16th, so they should finish that and send it to my email when completed. Thanks to those who have already sent it in!

Also, for writing, we had planned to do a narrative in which each student wrote their own creative writing piece that created their own alternate ending of the story "The Landlady," which had a bit of a cliffhanger ending. Scroll down this blog for a copy of the story from about a week ago. The opening lines of each student's story can be the final lines of the original story. There's no reason students can't do this while they are stuck at home. Can't wait to hear what happens to Billy Weaver and the infamous Landlady!

Reading:  Scholastic has great reading/learning activities set out day-by-day at an appropriate grades 6-12 level.

I also created a class for McLaughlin (though any parent or student from any class is welcome to sign up!) on Newsela.  This site has endless articles to read.
Instructions on how to join Newsela - class code 869UZ5.pdfInstructions on how to join Newsela - class code 869UZ5.pdf

Some good articles are:

A 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy speaks again, with some high-tech help

What Is the Biosphere?

Greta Thunberg "a bit surprised" to be Time Person of the Year

Plastic-free, zero-waste shops hope to help environment

March 11
Updated school work for students who are self-isolating due to travel

​Grade 7 Math: 

Weekly homework - updated homework.pdfupdated homework.pdf

Textbook work - Textbook pdf is available via the link at the left side of this screen (you have to click on about 3 links before it actually opens). p. 141 #2,6 and p. 169 #10, 11, 12, 13.  

Worksheet for today's and tomorrow's class work - Class Worksheets for today and tomorrow.pdfClass Worksheets for today and tomorrow.pdf

Today's quiz is here QUIZ.pdfQUIZ.pdf if parents/guardians would like to have their child complete it at home, you can fax/scan a copy to send to me, or you could take a screen shot with your phone and email it to me at 

March 09
Homework Week of March 9th-13th

​Grade 7 Math - Students will get their homework sheets tomorrow. They will be due by Friday. Students will get some class time tomorrow to work on them, since they have one day less at home to complete them.  Quiz on Wednesday on calculatiing the area of circles, parallelograms and triangles.

updated homework.pdfupdated homework.pdf

Language Arts (7 McLaughlin) - Writing assignment on "The Landlady" is due by Monday, March 16th.  The Landlady by Roald Dahl.pdfThe Landlady by Roald Dahl.pdf  Setting or Characters from The Landlady.docxSetting or Characters from The Landlady.docx

February 24
Homework for Week February 24-28

​Bring in money (as needed) for Friday's Winter Enrichment activities.

Wednesday is PINK SHIRT DAY!

​Grade 7 Math- Homework sheets for this week will be due the Monday AFTER the March break.  Homework due after March break.pdfHomework due after March break.pdf

Language Arts (7 McLaughlin) - We will finish our story "The Landlady" tomorrow.  Tune in later this week for an assignment for this story.  If students were absent today, they can read the story to catch up, but no SPOILERS for the rest of the class!  We haven't gotten to the end yet, so keep the plot twist a secret if you read to the end. We have read to the end of page 31 only. The Landlady by Roald Dahl.pdfThe Landlady by Roald Dahl.pdf

February 17
Homework - Week of Feb. 18 to 21

​Grade 7 Math homework - This week, we will be focusing on the formula for calculating the area of a circle as we begin our last "Shape and Space" outcome for term 2 (calculating area of circles, parallelograms, and triangles). 

Here are the homework sheets for Friday. 4 sheets of Math homework due Friday, Feb. 21st.pdf4 sheets of Math homework due Friday, Feb. 21st.pdf

Last week's Math tests clearly demonstrated whether students had a solid understanding of converting fractions to decimals and understanding how to order decimals on a numberline. Students who received "2s" still have gaps in their knowledge of comparing and ordering based on the values of the tenths, hundredths and thousanths places.

7 Foley and 7 Carey will receive corrected tests upon returning to school tomorrow (Tuesday). Students in 7 Hannam will receive their corrected tests slightly later this week as I continue to correct them.

Language Arts (7 McLaughlin) - These are due by Thursday.The Gift of the Magi vocab questions.docxThe Gift of the Magi vocab questions.docx

February 14
Language Arts (7 McLaughlin) Homework for Monday

​Students need to finish these definitions and these fill-in-the-blanks sentences by Monday.  Vocabulary.pdfVocabulary.pdf

February 10
Homework - Week of Feb. 10-14

​Grade 7 Math - Due to Friday's storm day, last week's tests were all returned to students today.  Homework this week is to study for a test on Thursday. Test covers outcome N7, which involves converting between fractions and decimals AND ordering fractions or decimals on number lines.  Students need their own calculator.  Calculators will not be provided. If a student does not have a calculator, they will write their test without one. Many students have lost or broken their calculators, but they are afraid to admit this fact to their parents due to facing the consequences.  Please, have a conversation with your child to see if this applies to them.

Language Arts (7 McLaughlin) - Good copy of answers to questions on "The Necklace" are due by Thursday. Q and A for The Necklace.docxQ and A for The Necklace.docx  Here is a copy of the story for reference as needed.  The Necklace - 1884.pdfThe Necklace - 1884.pdf  Also, these notes on irony may be helpful.  Irony in The Necklace.docxIrony in The Necklace.docx  Tomorrow, we move on to our next famous short story, "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry. Vocabulary exercises on this story were started today, and will continue tomorrow and Thursday. Our study of irony will also continue as we read "The Gift of the Magi."

February 03
Homework for week of February 3rd

​Grade 7 Math: Students may print out these sheets, or they can complete their answers on looseleaf by Friday.  Practice Homework for week of Feb. 3-7.pdfPractice Homework for week of Feb. 3-7.pdf  

Tests from last week will be returned to students by the end of the week.

Language Arts: (7 McLaughlin):  Some students need to come in to finish their plot diagrams this week on their lunch hour. Most groups have this class project completed, so we are moving on to our next short story, "The Necklace." We will read the story in class tomorrow (Tuesday).  Students will have part of tomorrow and Thursday's class to work on vocabulary and reading comprehension questions.  Good copies of questions can be printed out at home or emailed to me at   Here is the document for students to complete.  Q and A for The Necklace.docxQ and A for The Necklace.docx  A copy of the story is here: The Necklace - 1884.pdfThe Necklace - 1884.pdf

January 28
Homework - Week of Jan. 28th-31st

Grade 7 Math: Math test on repeating decimals and terminating decimals is this Thursday. Students should be able to change fractions to decimals OR change decimals to fractions. Students can memorize, use long division, or use a calculator to help them with this unit.  Here is a study guide for students to use along with their own notes they took in class. Study Guide.pdfStudy Guide.pdf  Students also have notes (marked with coloured dots) to study.  Students MUST have their own calculator for the test (no cell phones). Calculators will not be provided.

Language Arts (7 McLaughlin):  Revised essay on "The Lottery" (with corrections done) is due by Thursday.  Students are working in groups in class this week to complete a plot diagram of the short story "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury. 

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