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March 01
Beyond the Hurt students are amazing!

Never have I been more proud than I was on Pink Shirt Day of our BTH youth facilitators.  They worked tirelessly to put together a bullying awareness campaign and they moved everyone with their singing of True Colors and poetry, speaking about all the different types of bullying, radio ads video montage and the list goes on and on.  Passion is what is going to make a difference in this world and these students have it. 

I am also proud of the presentation that was read by Amy O'Hearn on behalf of the BTH group for the province on what we are doing here at CMS to raise awareness on bullying. 


Thank you everyone for all your hard work every single day!!  You do make a difference!!!!!

March 01
Welcome to March!!!!!

​Thank you to all CMS students who took part in all of the month long activities during February to raise awareness for our "Be Aware" campaign. From gratitude day to I am special day to make someone laugh, help a friend etc....words cannot express the gratitude I have for such wonderful students that really have a heightened awareness of feelings.  CMS CARES!!!!

February 15
Say Thank You,  Respect, and show & Wear your Culture Day!

​Thursday was  "Thank You" Day and the CMS student body and staff spent the day thanking one another for kind gestures they have done currently or in the past.  Today (Friday) is Respect Day and Show Your Culture Day.  Our students really took the time to come dressed for the event.  So nice to see............

February 13
Mend a Friendship Day!

​Without a doubt Middle School can be a learning curve for all students when it comes to friendships.  From time to time, anyone may fall into an argument or disagreement with their friends.  Yesterday, students were given the opportunity to "mend" or fix the friendships.  Heartwarming to see this put into action......Bravo CMS students!!


Today is "Fairness day!  be kind and fair to anyone with whom you may interact with today.......


February 11
Filling a Bucket Day!

​If you haven't heard of the book "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" It would be a wise investment to learn more about it.  Let me tell you a bit about it......

We all walk around with carrying an invisable bucket, we can't see it but it is there.  The bucket has one purpose only, to hold good thought and feelings about yourself.  You feel happy and good when your bucket is full, sad and lonely when it is empty. 

How do you fill a bucket?  Show love, do something kind, or even when you give someone a smile-you are a bucket filler.  A bucket filler does nice things to make others feel special.  When you make someone feel special, you fill a bucket.  A bucket dipper says or soes mean things to make others feel bad. 

Well, today at CMS, students were asked to spend the day filling buckets.  My bucket was filled from the students running up to me saying "Mrs. Grass, I filled someones bucket!"  I would then ask them how they filled a bucket? 

Go ahead and you give it a try.  Be the best bucket filler you can be!!!

February 08
BTH Presentations

​I want to spread the word about how proud I am of our BTH group.  This week some of our Beyond the Hurt members were in classrooms teaching their peers about bullying prevention.  I'm in awe of their commitment to reducing bullying here at our school.  Is it still an issue? Yes.....Is there a greater awareness of how wrong it is, and how it has long lasting effects on others?  Yes  Are the BTH members making a difference?  You bet!!  Way to go!!DSCF2020.JPGDSCF2020.JPGDSCF2019.JPGDSCF2019.JPG

February 08
Give Someone a Smile Day!

​Our Beyond the Hurt members were spreading the smiles as they entered each classroom, with a tray of nutritional smiley cookies for the entire school. Every student, and staff member were able to enjoy and pass a smile along which brightened everyones day.  Who doesn't love to see someone smiling? It's contagious : )DSCF2031.JPGDSCF2031.JPGDSCF2037.JPGDSCF2037.JPGDSCF2038.JPGDSCF2038.JPG  

February 08
Radio Interview @ CKNB

​I had the wonderful opportunity to speak on air at CKNB about our Beyond the Hurt program here at Campbellton Middle School.  Take a few minutes to listen to see what we are doing to try and reduce bullying!


February 08
Bullying Commercials
February 07
Help a Friend Day!

​Today at CMS, friends are helping friends, as that is what friends do!  I can't wait to talk to students to hear about all the ways they were helpful today.  Remember, it doesn't have to be anything big, or cost money to help.  Maybe a friend drops a book, or needs a pen or pencil because the one they had broke, etc........Spend the day helping everyone!!

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