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June 05
Additional Work: Current Events

Hello class,

This will be the last post for your online learning program this year. 

The last day to submit any work to me is Friday, June 12, so please keep that in mind if you have work to send along from any of the online assignments.

This year in Social Studies class we discussed a variety of topics in hopes that you would:

  •     become educated on basic human rights and rights of citizenship
  •     evaluate your thoughts, beliefs, and biases
  •     respectfully challenge ideas
  •     evaluate the significance of events
  •     consider multiple viewpoints on various issues

     My hope is that you continue to do this in your personal, school, and future professional lives! 

     The purpose of this assignment is to continue to educate ourselves on current events. The assignment is two parts, (A) view/read/watch a variety of online articles and websites, and (B) consider/discuss/write about the topics listed below.

Why are we learning about this?

You may already know about the protests in the United States, Canada, and around the world that are happening right now in response to racism and police brutality. While I do not feel that I (as a white person) am the ideal educator for this subject matter, I do feel compelled to share resources with you and encourage you to educate yourselves. The topics of human rights, social justice, and critical thinking are all part of our Social Studies program and also part of being global citizens. As young people, the future is very much in your hands and I believe strongly in equipping you with tools to stay informed.

As always, be careful about where you find information and which media sources you use for news. Right now, there is a lot of false information (misinformation and disinformation!) spreading about the activism happening in the Unites States and Canada.

     (A)   Resources to view:

 I realize this is a long list and I do not expect you to read every single article. The list is meant to provide a VARIETY of resources and places to seek out more information. I encourage you to look at any online information using your critical eye!

**Please note these are sensitive topics and I recommend speaking to a trusted adult if/when you choose to educate yourself on these issues. Articles, photos, and videos may include disturbing content**

PRUDE Inc. Saint John 

Saint John Black Lives Matter Movement 

Canadian Civil Liberties Association 

New Brunswick Black History Society​

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (USA)

Canadian Museum for Human Rights - The story of Africville​

APTN News - Indigenous woman shot and killed by N.B. police

CBC News - Federal ministers express 'outrage' over N.B. shooting death of Chantel Moore

APTN News - ‘Shocking and disturbing’: Public Safety minister blasts RCMP conduct in Nunavut incident

Black Lives Matter – Toronto


Huffington Post - Black Organizations And Anti-Racist GroupsCanadians Can Support Now

Saltwire Network - Donations ‘may allow for real systemic change,’ says organizer of Black Lives Matter Solidarity Fund N.S.

The BIPOC Project - Florida teen Trayvon Martin is shot and killed

CBC News – 'Their stories are sacred': Families, advocates come together to call for justice on MMIWG

Global News – Trudeau government gets failing grade on delivery of MMIWG action plan: advocacy group

The New York Times – Here’s What You Need to Know About Breonna Taylor’s Death

The Fifth Estate – Season 42 Episode 3

CBC News - Missing & Murdered: The Unsolved Cases ofIndigenous Women and Girls

The Guardian - Black lives shattered: outrage as boy, 14, is Brazil police's latest victim

(B) Questions to research, think about, discuss and/or write about:

**Please note these are mature topics and I recommend speaking to a trusted adult if/when you choose to educate yourself on these issues**

1.       What is a bias? What is a racial bias? What is an implicit bias?

2.       What does it mean to be marginalized or oppressed?

3.       What does systemic racism mean? Does it exist in Canada?

4.       What is social activism? What is online activism?

5.       What does MMIWG stand for?

6.       What does BIPOC stand for?

7.       What do these hashtags mean? Where did they originate? What is their purpose? #blacklivesmatter #sayhername #sayhisname #amplifymelanatedvoices #blackouttuesday

8.       What happened to:

a.       Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida (USA)?

b.       George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)?

c.       Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky (USA)?

d.       Regis Korchinski-Paquet in Toronto, Ontario (Canada)?

e.       Chantel Moore in Edmundston, New Brunswick (Canada)?

f.        João Pedro Matos Pinto in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?

9.   What are some other examples of oppression and/or activism in Canada today?

10.   What is the significance of these events? What can we do?​ 

​As always, email me with any questions or concerns:

       - Mme. Ashton

May 28
Home Learning Activity #4: La Politique et le Gouvernement

Bonjour Classe,

Votre prochaine activité pour Sciences Humaines est au sujet de la politique et le gouvernement au Canada.

Nous avons étudié ces sujets pendant le program Vote Étudiant.

Il y a les vidéos pour regarder, les articles pour lire, et les questions de compréhension.

 1. Regarder les trois (3) vidéos :

CIVIX explique : Gouvernement et démocratie 

CIVIX explique : Les principes démocratiques

CIVIX explique : Les élections fédérales

2. Lire les deux (2) articles:

Les Canadiens et leur système de gouvernement

Découvrir le Canada - Les élections fédérales

3. Faire les questions de compréhension:

Questions de Comprehension .pdfQuestions de Comprehension .pdf

Questions de Comprehension REPONSES.pdfQuestions de Comprehension REPONSES.pdf

Si vous avez les questions, svp m’envoyer un courriel ou un message sur Teams!

Mme. Ashton


May 22
Additional Work: Climate Change

​Bonjour classe!

Si nous étions en classe cette semaine, nous aurions eu une visite du Projet Gaia pour faire des activités sur le thème du changement climatique​.

Trouver ici une liste des idees que vous pourriez faire chez vous.

If we were in class this week, we would have had a visit from the Gaia Project to help us learn about climate change. Here is a list of activities you can do at home!

Gaia Project FRENCH.pdfGaia Project FRENCH.pdf

Gaia Project ENGLISH.pdfGaia Project ENGLISH.pdf

May 20
Saint John Arts Centre Free Lessons

​Hello Students, 

Please check out the links below to view the free art lessons available through the Saint John Arts Centre. 


Saint John Arts Centre Website 

Saint John Arts Centre YouTube Page​ 

May 12
PIF Time Capsule

​Create your very own COVID-19 Time Capsule:


May 12
Additional Work: COVID-19

​For students looking for extra home learning ideas, here are some options. 

1. COVID-19 Time Capsule 



2. COVID-19 Media Literacy Activity 

During the Student Vote (Vote Etudiant) program in the fall, we discussed where our news comes from and how different perspectives are presented in the media. We talked about how to figure out which news sources are reliable, and how to identify misinformation and disinformation​

Here is an activity to review what we covered on media literacy, and apply your learning to the current COVID-19 global pandemic.  

Home Learning Activity Coronavirus in the Media ENGLISH.pdfHome Learning Activity Coronavirus in the Media ENGLISH.pdf

Home Learning Activity Coronavirus in the Media FRENCH.pdfHome Learning Activity Coronavirus in the Media FRENCH.pdf

May 12
ASD-S Virtual Art Gallery

Good morning,

The ASD-S Virtual Student Art Gallery is now open! It features art created by ASD-S students while they are learning from home.

The address is:​​

May 11
Home Learning Activity #3: Nouveau-Brunswick - Une Révision

Bonjour classe,

Si vous voulez faire une nouvelle activité pour Sciences Humaines, trouvez ici une révision au sujet du Nouveau-Brunswick. Vous pouvez lire l’article, compléter les questions, et compléter un quiz.

Here is your next Social Studies assignment. It is a review on New Brunswick. You can read an article, complete comprehension questions, correct your comprehension questions, and complete a quiz. 

1. Lire cet article​ au sujet du Nouveau-Brunswick. 

2. Complétez les questions de compréhension pour l’article (attachées) et vérifiez vos réponses avec les réponses (attachées).  

Le NB questions de comprehension.pdfLe NB questions de comprehension.pdf

Le NB questions de comprehension RESPONSES.pdfLe NB questions de comprehension RESPONSES.pdf

3. Complétez le quiz​ sur Nouveau-Brunswick. 

Comme d'habitude, si vous avez des questions vous pouvez m'envoyer un courriel ou envoyer un message sur Teams. 

As always, if you have any questions you can email me or send a message on Teams. 

Mme. Ashton ​

May 02
Home Learning Activity #2: Canada - Une Révision

Bonjour classe,

Si vous voulez faire une nouvelle activité pour Sciences Humaines, trouvez ici une révision au sujet du Canada. Vous pouvez regarder les vidéos, compléter les quiz, et jouer un jeu.

If you would like a new activity for Social Studies, please find links below

1.       Regarder le vidéo ci-dessous (watch this video):

Canada Geography/Canada Country​

2.       Compléter les deux quiz (complete these two quizzes):

QUIZ provinces 

QUIZ symboles canadiens​

3.       ​Jouer ce jeu (play this game) : 

Allo Monde jeu de géographie

*Cliquez sur « Partie rapide ».  Cliquez sur une destination au Canada sur la carte puis « OK ».  Pour les catégories, cliquez tous les carrés dans la colonne du Canada puis « OK ».  

*Click on "Partie Rapide." Click on a destination in Canada. Click "OK." Select all squares under the Canada column. Click "OK"

Comme d'habitude, si vous avez des questions vous pouvez m'envoyer un courriel ou envoyer un message sur Teams. 

As always, if you have any questions you can email me or send a message on Teams. 

Mme. Ashton 

April 23
PIF Home Learning Options

Hello students, 

If you are looking for ways to keep up your French language learning, here are some ideas:

Speak & listen: If you have someone in your home who speaks some French, or someone you could call, designate a time where the two of you must try to speak only in French. Use your resources (dictionary, internet) just like we did in class. Set your time for however long you’d like and see if you can last the entire time speaking only in French. Maybe make a competition out of it? Make your language learning as enjoyable as possible! If you do not have anyone to practice with, don’t worry. There are lots of other ways you can continue your French language learning.

Own a radio? The French language version of CBC Radio, Radio Canada can be found on 102.3 FM. Try listening to French radio for a few minutes every day. Can you pick up on what they are saying? Can you try to repeat some of the sentences you hear?

Netflix: Many of your favourite Netflix shows are available in French. To change the language of your show you need to let it start playing. Then look for the subtitles icon in the bottom right corner, click on it and select the language you would like for both Audio and Subtitles. Try using French audio with English subtitles, or English audio with French subtitles. Not every show will have French available. 

YouTube: There are SO many French language videos on YouTube. Explore and see what you can find. If you're missing our French numbers video, you can enjoy it here

Ensemble ChezNous! has a collection of French books on their website. You can even click “play” to have one read aloud to you.

Duolingo has lots of French learning options. You can make a free account and work on language learning at your own pace.

Listen to a Podcast in French with Duolingo French Podcasts (an app), which can be downloaded hereYou can work on your language skills and knowledge of the French-speaking world by listening to true stories, with added English for context.

FLORA is a French program used in some New Brunswick schools. Due to the current situation, the NB Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is releasing fifteen electronic modules from the FLORA program. The modules include a variety of entertaining and educational songs, books and activities. Level 1 is for beginning learners, and the levels progress from there.

There are lots of other online resources, this is just a small sample. Remember, these are options for those looking for ideas. This is not required work and you do not have to send anything to me. However, if you need any help, or want to send some work my way, I am here to support you. Just send me an email

Happy language learning!

Mme Ashton​

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