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March 13
Math: 8 LeBlanc, 8 Léger, 8 Melanson, and 8Palmer:

Students have received their February math progress reports today. Must be signed and returned to school. (Feb. 26)

Math Makes Sense Textbook Gr 8.pdfMath Makes Sense Textbook Gr 8.pdf

Outcomes: N3, N4 and N5: %, rates and ratios

9-12 mars

Pourcentage 1.docPourcentage 1.doc

Pourcentage 2.docPourcentage 2.doc

12 mars

Pourcentage 12 mars.docxPourcentage 12 mars.docx

13 mars

revision du 12 mars.docxrevision du 12 mars.docx

leçon 13 mars.notebookleçon 13 mars.notebook

Monsieur Melanson















March 10
PDCP/H 8 Melanson

Working on a PowerPoint Presentation: Une carrière

Presentations are due March 16.

Une carrière.pptUne carrière.ppt


March 10
Open classroom this week
My classroom is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the second half of lunch.


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About this blog
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