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September 25
Logging into Microsoft Teams

​I have been instructed to start using Microsoft Teams. All students know how to log into Microsoft Teams. It was explained to them in their Technology class with Mr. Stuart. From now on, all homework assignments and daily activities will be posted to Teams. 

Most files will be uploaded to the "Files" tab. There is a folder entitled "Class Materials" and this is where I will be uploading everything we do in class. Also in the "Files" tab is a folder, "Tests de vocabulaire". I will be uploading the words for the weekly spelling tests here.

If there is an assignment, I will upload it to the "Assignments" tab. 

I've uploaded several documents to date. 

If your son/daughter is in my homeroom, I will use our "Homeroom - 6 Arbeau" team to post weekly reminders, homework, and announcements. In the "Files" tab, there is a folder entitled "Announcements and Homework". I just uploaded a WORD document a few minutes ago with all of this information. There are three tests next week. 

September 21
6 Arbeau

​The student's schedule has changed. All students were told to take their new schedule home today. I've uploaded the NEW schedule below. One change is that Phys. Ed. is now Mondays and Thursdays, so students will need to have a change of clothes and indoor sneakers. 

Large Student Timetable.docxLarge Student Timetable.docx

All students were also given a Scholastic book order. They should have copied this Class Code "RC181059​" on the front of the flyer. With this code, parents can place orders online. 

For tomorrow students in 6 Arbeau need to:

  • Have a novel for silent reading​
  • Have their agenda signed on today's date​
September 21
6 FILA and 6 Math

​Every grade 6 French Immersion class has a vocabulary test this Friday, September 25th. The students copied the words into their French binders today. (The 7 days of the week and the 4 seasons. Eleven words in all)

Test de mots de vocabulaire 1.docxTest de mots de vocabulaire 1.docx

Students have been copying several questions into their French binders. We stopped at number 12 today. Below, is a WORD document with all of the questions to date.

6 FILA - questions.docx6 FILA - questions.docx

Every grade 6 French Immersion class has a Math test this Friday on the spelling of numbers 1 - 20. There is also a weekly math assignment due this Friday. 

September 17

​I mentioned the website Word Reference to my homeroom today and I thought it was a good idea to share it. This is the link: https://www.wordreference.com/​

This is a translation site; however, it gives you every possible context for the word you are searching. It also gives you examples as to how that word would be used correctly in a sentence. Word Reference is also a free App on all cell phones.

Another site to check out is Scholastic

This link takes you to the French Immersion page. 

If you want to borrow French books instead of purchasing them, the Samuel de Champlain Public Library has an excellent collection of them. If you have a NB library card, you can sign books out at this library.  

September 15
6 Arbeau - PDCP and Reminders

All students need to have a Thank You card for tomorrow morning (Wednesday, September 16th). They can buy one or make one. 

Both Kindness Boards are due by the end-of-the-day Wednesday.

For tomorrow students in 6 Arbeau need to:

  • Have a novel for silent reading​
  • Have their agenda signed on today's date
  • Have their French/English dictionary


  1. Pay $25 student fee on Cashless Schools by September 30th
  2. Bring in a toonie for Terry Fox (The class did their Terry Fox walk with Mme Van during their Phys. Ed. class 5th period Monday)
  3. #Beccatoldmeto - Wednesday, September 16th​
September 15
6 and 7 FILA

​My website which contains several French YouTube videos:


If you are on the homepage, hover over "Grade 5", then "Subjects", and then "Intensive French". Click on "French Songs". 

If you are interested in a seasonal video - Hover over "Grade 5", then "Subjects", then "Intensive French", then "French Songs". Click on "Fall" or "Halloween", etc.  

September 15
Becca Schofield - #Beccatoldmeto
September 15
Terry Fox

​Video about Terry's legacy- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BzyHYZgMz8&feature=youtu.be

French YouTube video (song) about Terry Fox- 


September 14
6 Arbeau - PDCP

​All students need to have a Thank You card for Wednesday morning. They can buy one or make one. 

Both Kindness Boards are due by the end-of-the-day Wednesday.

September 14
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